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As a customer of Paula Wigs I received a "gift" from them at Xmas time. It was stackable birthstone rings that could be purchased through Holsted.

As a preferred customer I purchased two and was only charged the shipping and handling of $6.98 each. I was given the opportunity to join their monthly club, but I clearly refused, stating I only wanted the special I was entitled to as a Paula's customer.

I received the rings and they were junk. A month later I had two charges on my card for their monthly club, which I had clearly refused.

I of course, called right away and it has been days of calls and promises that my $114 will be released, should already have been released etc. I was given a phone number for their corporate office in New York, which went to an automatic recording. I am terribly disappointed and will be contacting Paula Young.

I cannot believe Paula Young has introduced me to this scam. Paula Young has operated with great service and integrity, until now.

Monetary Loss: $114.

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:( These people are also in bed with Sears Credit Card Company. They are complete scam.

I had been a sears credit card holder since 1988, but now that they are bed with this company i am getting BS shipping charges on my card all the time for jewelry i never signed up for, and always refused and stuck right back in the mail. I have given them 14 days to remove all charges before I take both companies to court along with "account care" who also claims i signed up.

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